a joint family effort came together to send me this video last night.  it’s got it all- matching dresses, insane lyrics, and childhood nostalgia (ali beep).

check out the fourth woman and tell me she is not who kristen wiig has been impersonating this whole time:


my two favorite people

martha and colbert.

you’re slipping, obama

famous cats

i just love how extremely intelligent people own and are inspired by their cats.  please go watch the extremely dorky skype interview on this nyt article page.

yes, they finally discovered how cats lap water.

the genius continues

in honor of this website i discovered today: whatthefuckhasobamadonesofar.com

i thought it was about time to catch up on pete’s incredible obama documentation.  i hope this isn’t illegal.  SOURCE BELOW!

all photos from the White House Photostream


wow.  even though i have been readering non-stop, my urges to post have been few and far between.  as always there are so many beautiful, inspiring, creative and creepy images and content out there (THERE), and i keep keeping them unread until i have the pangs to do something with them.  well, since my ragù is simmering away, i thought this might be a good time for a roundup.

these fotos, found via musie, combine my love of ethnic flair with elements of my living room’s color/taxidermy schemes, and oh yes, ’70s garb.

i think after being an antique furniture dealer, i would want to be a vintage textile collector.  or just be an embroiderist slash crafter (to be revealed soon!) and copy these designs.

and lastly, LOVE LIFE ARCHIVE IMAGES! each photo leads to their original poster, so click click click away to see more.

good to be back

somehow ive managed to create my next dwelling space in the epicenter of the bedbug epidemic: New York City.
Now, throughout the apartment hunt, i was careful to screen out any buildings that had been registered on the bedbug registry and have not sourced a single piece of furniture from anywhere in the metropolitan area- instead ridiculously making repeated trips to DC and Maine to transport all items in Precious, my busted ass car:

this might be overly cautious, but i hate bedbugs that much.  especially after bill the sleepys mattress guy sold us an overpriced mattress cover to protect against them but CANT. damn you, sleepys.


basically, im glad to be BACK on the internet, even though my eyes burned after a full day of not much else yesterday.  there is too much to see and do in waking hours, but im trying my darndest to see it all.  after i finish these episodes of gossip girl (new york living life research), i hope to share everything ive been missing: obama, new blog ventures, photos from my new schmancy phone, and the best of the internet, in my opinion.

i will probably get these in nyc

does this blog allow me to post anything related to blood sucking insects? because this is incredible:

via viva vena cava